Finding A BBS

Finding a BBS

BBSs are varied and everywhere. There are the traditional dial-up systems, telnet systems, and html systems. And combinations thereof.

Finding a Dial-Up System:

    If at all possible, you want to find a local Dial-Up system.

    These are the origional Fidonet systems, and they are looking for users in this 'internet' age. Many are on the verge of shutting down. So if you find one, support it!

    To find a local Fidonet dialup system, key the first part of your phone number into the search engine below. This search will search the current nodelist for any matches. For example if you phone number is 1-234--xxxx, then key in '1-234'. Take the results back to your phone book to see if any are local. If so, then give him a dial with the terminal software supplied with your operating system..

    Once online, drop the sysop a comment, he will be able to guide you to a better terminal software than you have, possibly give you a tour, and best of all, he will know what you are looking for and can guide you.

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Finding a telnet System:

    If there is no local Dial-Up system near you, then it gets more interesting as you must now search for a 'Telnet' system to your tastes. These are accessed via the internet, using the Telnet protocol, such as the one supplied with your browser. There are MANY such systems, many of which are also Dial-Up systems. Like the Dial-Up systems, once you make contact, then drop the sysop a comment, again, he/she/it will be able to guide you to a better telnet terminal software than what came with your operating system. Many Telnet systems are actually specific to one Telnet terminal, so to enjoy the full benefits of such a system, you would want to use it.

    The best way to find a Telnet system is to visit the USBBS list and browse. There you may also find traditional Dial-Up BBSs as well as HTML BBSs.

Finding a HTML BBS:

    HTML BBSs are the 'new kid on the block'. They are accessable from any browser. Usually, they are disliked by traditional Dial-Up and Telnet systems, as these struggle for survival.

    HTML BBSs are best found by accessing the USBBS list and browsing.

    To repeat an earlier point. You want to find a local dialup system. If none is available, then a Telnet system. Why?

    1) The HTML BBS cannot provide you with all the services of a Dial Up or Telnet, and certainly not as effeciently.
    2) The HTML BBS is usually very crowded.
    3) The HTML BBS must 'keep the peace' with his Dial Up and Telnet brothers.
        Many will refuse a new user who has a local Dialup BBS system.
    4) Most HTML BBSs are very specialized, with a specialized group of users.
        An example: TheLitterBox (RIP) catered to 'Washington Area Dilberts' and folks who worked in the WTC, who could not get around the firewalls to use telnet, and certainly would have no access to a Dial Up BBSs.